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Digital Marketing is core to the strategy of any organization. Digital Marketing helps organizations in reaching consumers through digital mediums like the internet, mobile devices, social media, and other channels. One cannot accomplish digitization without web designing and SEO. Web designing helps organizations to build brand equity which is responsible for building up trust among website visitors. 

Let’s deep dive into web designing and SEO.

Web Designing

Web Designing focuses on user experience. 

There are two broad categories of web designing, namely adaptive designing, and responsive designing. Each has its own merits and demerits. 

Adaptive Designing

In adaptive designing, the developer develops fixed screen size layouts and components. It is easier to implement but if the number of devices increases or if the screen size adds then fresh development is required. So adaptive designing works only for a predefined set of layouts.

Let us understand how does it work?

Suppose a website is to be developed for three devices say tablet, mobile and desktop. A developer writes code for the three devices. Whenever the user opens a website, at first code detects the type of device with the screen size. Depending upon the type of device, a pre-defined set of the layout is displayed.

Responsive Designing

Under responsive designing, components move dynamically on the screen. This approach takes more time to develop but it proves to be the best approach in the long run. It is developed using a fluid layout. The design works appropriately and efficiently on all the devices irrespective of the screen size. Responsive sites take less time to load.

Which design to adopt?

Designing technique depends on the client’s requirement. If the business is new then adaptive designing is useful. Development of adaptive designing utilizes fewer resources and takes less time. But it is advisable to use responsive designing because it is better than adaptive designing. It works on all the devices irrespective of the scenario that we have pre-designed layout. It helps in reducing the load time of a website.

How to design a website?

Web designing includes the development of visual and functional elements that beautifully defines the organization objective in the form of a website. The designer plans the navigation of the website so that visitor discovers the new offers and important information immediately. A good website should not have pop-ups. The font size, font colour and font type should be perfectly chosen so that visitors can easily get the essence of a website. No one likes a slow website, it should load quickly. On first sight, the user should get a clear idea of where to search and how to navigate.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a technical tool used to improve the ranking of the website.

Let’s clear our understanding of SEO. 

For instance, a user is looking for an excellent service provider. He starts his search with Google. Before he clicks any link, he glances through top 9-10 links and the respective information. In most of the cases that most relevant link is from top five results displayed by Google. Now the complex part of the story begins here. There are various service providers in the market with an online presence. But what has been the reason behind Google ranking? Why the topmost link is at rank 1?

The obvious reason is SEO.

Yes, SEO helps the site to get top ranking in the search engine result. This is the way to be different and unique. 

There are billions of users searching one thing or another on the search engine. The only single content publishing agency is issuing millions of articles each day. How to rank yourself amid such a competition. The answer is SEO.

How does it work?

Now, we continue our understanding of SEO by knowing how does it work? 

The internet has millions and billions of websites stored digitally. The search engine stores webpage in the form of an index. This works similarly as we have an index at the back of the book. We can see at the end of the book there are various keywords with page numbers. Whenever we have to search for a particular topic we look for that keyword at the back of the book and go to the page number indicated against it. Similarly, in a search engine, every webpage is stored in index form. The Meta description helps to get the summary of the content of the page. The site map of the website tells its brief description. 

When a user searches for something on a search engine, web crawlers identify keywords, match them in the index and based on hundreds of other factors, within a fraction of seconds it displays the result.

Any organization is keen to have an online presence nowadays. For it, a website is the first and the foremost requirement. But we know that only website is not useful. We need appropriate SEO on top of it. 

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